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KleanSmart Dry Cleaners

KleanSmart Corporation, in response to the growing needs and burgeoning population in the area, started a Discount Dry Cleaning store to offer an alternative to area residents who demand high-quality service and great prices.

With State of the Art Eco-friendly technology, personalized service, and expertly trained personnel KleanSmart provides the best possible care for all your clothes and garments.

We offer excellent prices for both Laundered and Dry Cleaned items. Laundered shirts are $2.69 and most Dry Cleaned items are just $5.49. We also offer alterations and repairs done on our premises, and our Express Bag Service for No waiting drop off.

KleanSmart is a clear example of the dynamism and opportunities provided by the ongoing growth and development of the Orlando Area and would like you to become a regular customer. So, pay us a visit and we´ll gladly show what we mean by the Best Dry Cleaning concept in your area.

Come and visit us and you´ll find that our everyday prices and unsurpassed quality are unmatched.

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